Public Notice

In the interest of public safety, we would like to notify members of the public that they should not seek and receive psychological services such as measurement, assessment, and evaluation of intellectual abilities, occupational or educa-tional aptitudes, motivational dispositions, personality traits, emotional adjustment, and mental health from unregis-tered practitioners as it puts them at risk. […]

Children With Learning Disabilities

CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES & CAREER GUIDANCE WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS *CPD APPROVED Come and learn for yourself how to identify learning disabilities in your children early in life in order to save their careers and safeguard their future. Zimbabwe Psychological Association has put together the best registered and practicing psychologists across all areas of psychology […]

Community Psychology

Community Psychology focuses on the reciprocal relationship of the individual and their social, cultural, economic, political environmental, and international contexts.It seeks to understand problem situations within communities to allow for intervention and promote positive change, health and empowerment at individual and community level.