Connecting Psychologists for National Wellbeing and Prosperity

About Us

The Zimbabwe Psychological Association is an association for psychologists and psychology students. Membership is based on the highest qualification in Psychology starting with Student Membership which is for those studying towards a Bachelor's in Psychology, Associate Membership for those who hold a BSc in Psychology, and Full Membership which is for those who hold a Master's in Psychology or higher.

The Zimbabwe Psychological Association aspires to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organization advancing psychology as a science in the society, including government, policy makers, user groups, and the general public.
Core Values

Benefits for Membership:

Benefits for Student, Associate, and Affiliate members include receipt of invitations to special events, practice and research updates and opportunities to participate in branch meetings, and notifications of internship or employment opportunities whenever available.  As a member of ZPA, you will also enjoy discounts to seminars and workshops. 


Benefits for full membership include voting rights, a chance to shape the practice of psychology in Zimbabwe, as well as the other benefits listed above.  


Offering complete integrated package

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Benefits for Membership

A platform for professional growth

  • Networking for opportunities
  • Opportunity to shape the practice of psychology in Zimbabwe


  • Improved professionalism
  • Keep abreast of any developments within the profession
  • Representation of members’ professional interest welfare
  • Notification of opportunities (jobs, internships, scholarships, etc).
  • Discounted tariffs for ZPA-initiated programs/activities/services
  • Corporates stand to benefit from a large pool of qualified professionals for services or employment